Colors of Winter - Watercolor

Watermedia Artist, Teacher, Juror, and Author

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Transparent Watercolor Society of America, TWSA

Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, CSPWC

Renowned artist and best selling author, Sterling Edwards, creates expressive watermedia paintings that often pay tribute to the majesty and subtle beauty of the world around us. Each of his subjects is captured with the elegance and artistry that has gained Sterling's creative style of painting international acclaim. His watercolor and acrylic paintings are unique and truly display the creativity and sensibility of a master-painter.
An award winning watermedia artist, Sterling has been honing his skills since childhood, which is evident in his sophisticated and artistic approach to painting. Regarding his work, Sterling comments;

“Considering that everything I see is a symphony of shapes, colors, and values, I have endless possibilities at my disposal with which to make a strong visual statement. Depending on the subject and my feeling at the time, I may choose to orchestrate them as a total abstraction, a stylized interpretation, or a representational study. My ability to choose a style to best express a subject is the motivation that keeps my creativity constantly searching for the next artistic opportunity."

Sterling proudly shares his artistic skills and knowledge with artists of every skill level through demonstrations, workshops, instructional DVD’s, and his book. Highly respected among his peers, he is often called upon and honored to jury international, national, and regional  art competitions.
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